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HR Services for SME’s

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HR Support Services for SME's The HRP Group specialise in delivering HR services to small and medium size companies. Our clients generally come from a mix of multinational corporations seeking HR partners or SME's who find themselves too busy to manage their line managers and staff, keep up with employment law, implement a recruitment plan

Pre-employment screening

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Pre-employment screening "The best indicator of future success is past history" In most cases our comprehensive background checks verify the candidate has given a correct account of their employment history, however, every so often our background checks alert companies to risk. Learn more Book FREE consultation now!

5 tips for successful headhunting

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Do you have the right recruitment plan in place for successful headhunting? We know recruiting and obtaining the right people in your business is just as vital as managing finances and generating sales.  So here are five steps that I believe can help you attract and recruit the best people in the market.  Review your