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Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook is a fundamental and efficient way to specify the HR policies and procedures that are relevant in the workplace.

It conveys mandatory HR guidelines and procedures for the employee, so they are informed of what is required of them and have a registry of those policies and be a form of a “go-to guide” to consult at any time they have a question or need assistance.

It also helps to assure that all procedures abide by employment law.

The contents of an employee handbook should cover every important aspect of employment within the company. It is created to illustrate the organisation’s regulations, policies, methods, and benefits.

The policies within an employee handbook should set the standard and be the starting point in dealing with an employee issue.

An effective employee handbook should be more than a collection of rules and regulations that employees must live by within the organisation. It should outline the company´s culture and communicate its mission, values, goals, policies, and rules to new and existing employees.

How We Can Help

Does your organisation’s Employee Handbook communicate your HR policies and is fully covering all aspects of your company’s guidelines and procedures?

Does it need to be reviewed and updated to keep in touch with workplace changes or current legislation and case law?

It is essential that a company´s employee handbook and the policies within are drafted by an experienced HR professional.

HRP Group provides personalised employee handbooks employing legal and best practice approaches to policies and procedures using a language and manner that communicates your company’s mission, vision, and its values, thus outlining your company’s culture.