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We cover all levels in an organisation, from line staff to line manager, director, CEO, CFO and other board of director positions.

Yes! Our Maternity HR Cover service includes; planning, recruiting, contracts/legal and several HR services that accompany this process.

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Sometimes mothers need to take more time and we completely understand. We will be there for any extended Maternity cover requirements.

This completely depends on the contract and the needs of individual clients. We will be happy to discuss this with you further.

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    Customer testimonies

    "The whole area of human resources is a mine field of where you can go wrong – but also how to create and monitor a business that is fair and helpful to staff. We have used Caroline and the HPR Group when we needed expert guidance in both circumstances. The advice we received was prompt, experienced and excellent. The HPR Group are now a strategic partner to our business."
    Anthony R Carey
    HRP Group testimony
    "I am writing to reflect my previous professional contact with Leisa Browne of HRP group. From my numerous interactions with Leisa both in person and via email/phone call, I always found her to be first of all very professional towards myself but also happy and pleasant to deal with.I would not hesitate to recommend her to perspective future clients of HRP group."
    James mc sweeney CLH