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HR Document Management


HR Audits will assess and highlight any areas of concern, such as non-compliance. They will provide comprehensive and fully compliant contracts and policies to correct matters and help an organisation adhere to statutory obligations.

HR Audits will, where necessary, review and amend certain aspects of policy to bring matters to a compliant level of expectation, such as:

  • Make necessary adjustments to employment contracts to reflect current legislation.
  • Update or create new policies with regards to grievances, termination or disciplinary, online activity such as web and email, equal rights legislation, and data protection matters.
  • Fairness with workplace schedule and shift patterns, adhering to both full-time and part-time workers, and changing contracts where necessary.

Human Resource Audits will coach relevant individuals once a full completion of company legislation is reassessed. The new handbook, including any existing changes to employment contracts, will be made clear in order for new implementations to be processed and acted out effectively and accordingly.
The final stage will produce a new master copy of the handbook, including all initial amendments to employment that can be used when new employees are recruited to join the organisation.