The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development published research entitled “A head for hiring, the behavioral science of recruitment and selection”.  In their comprehensive report, they set out 18 tips on recruiting employees which we think is worth reviewing:

Attracting candidates

  1. Take a fresh look at person–organisation fit, considering both current and aspirational organisational culture.
  2. Test the wording of your job adverts to see how it affects who applies.
  3. Personalise your outreach efforts to encourage applicants.
  4. Make it easy for people who show interest to apply directly.
  5. Vary where and how you do outreach.
  6. Push for transparency in outreach even when using networks for recruitment and selection.
  7. Systematise your use of social media in recruitment.


  1. Group and anonymize CVs when reviewing them.
  2. Pre-commit to a set of interview questions that are directly related to performance on the job.
  3. Focus interviews on collecting information, not making the decision.
  4. Make sure tests are relevant to the job and fit for purpose


  1. Include people in hiring decisions who have not been involved in assessing candidates.
  2. Stick to what the scores tell you for final decisions.

Recruitment strategy

  1. Spread assessments and decisions across days, but keep all other conditions similar.
  2. If discussing unconscious bias, emphasise the desired behaviour of assessors, rather than the problem.
  3. Evaluate your assessment practices.

Candidate Experience

  1. Avoid creating stereotype threat in the assessment process.
  2. Ask for feedback from rejected and accepted candidates.

Further information is contained in the CIPD report. For professional recruitment advice contact HRP Group on 01 676 0006.