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HR Recruitment Agency and RPO Services

We offer a full suite recruitment service (RPO, recruitment process outsourcing) as part of our HR services. We pride ourselves in ability to find high calibre candidates and build a winning team for your business.

A. Executive Search

For clients who wish to grow and develop their management team and want to ensure the best pool of candidates is identified and managed.

B. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsource your entire recruitment process to us. We manage the full recruitment process from start to finish ensuring that selected candidates will:

Be fully verified, vetted and screened
Be aligned to the job and personal specification
Have a one to one interview with a HR professional
Have a positive interaction with your brand
Be Psychometrically tested

What can we provide for you?

We can provide a full end to end recruitment process, including a thorough background and reference checking and on boarding services, which includes, Garda checks, credit and bankruptcy, up to 10 years reference check, psychometric testing, medical, drugs testing etc.It is essential to have the highest possible calibre of employees in your organisation. We can assist in all aspects of recruitment and selection from advertising positions and sourcing candidates, to on boarding, induction and contracts of employment.

We can assist with recruiting all grades of employees, up to and including CEO level.

We have vast experience recruiting for a wide range of industries and specialist jobs and have been involved in several large-scale recruitment projects.We identify in which areas recruitment is required; develop full recruitment strategies; draft job specifications and advertisements and use various advertising methods (print, online job boards, social media, and radio).

We provide a screening and shortlisting service whereby applications are reviewed in line with your company requirements to create a strong pipeline of excellent candidates.

The HRP Model: What is recruitment process outsourcing?

As HR experts, we have devised a simple and effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. We work in close partnership with our clients to take accountability for the recruitment process.

Effectively the client “outsources” all or some of their recruitment functions to HRP for a fixed monthly fee. A key benefit of this model is to significantly reduce the costs associated with recruitment, while achieving financial stability through the regular payment structure, fixed over a defined contract period. Our model ensures that we provide professional recruitment support while fully focused on securing the best talent.

We have been champions of this model for some time, however, in the current economic environment it makes absolute business sense to consider this as a viable alternative or support to, in-house HR or agency based recruitment services.

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Seeking to appoint a new senior executive?

We fully understand the importance of attracting talent and finding the right individual for the job, and the impact that decision will have on an organisation. We also appreciate how sensitive the recruitment process can be, so we know that discretion is everything.

We will assign highly experienced executive search consultants who have intimate knowledge of your sector and who will take the time to fully understand your organisation’s requirements. That enables us to optimise our search and identify candidates who have a track-record of delivering results at a senior level, and whose personal values are aligned with your organisation’s culture – so you can appoint a senior executive manager who will generate confidence, provide stability and create long term value.

For more information please contact

Leisa Browne by phone 01-6760006 or by email on

How We Can Help

Does your organisation’s Employee Handbook communicate your HR policies and is fully covering all aspects of your company’s guidelines and procedures?
Does it need to be reviewed and updated to keep in touch with workplace changes or current legislation and case law?
It is essential that a company’s employee handbook and the policies within are drafted by an experienced HR professional.
HRP Group provides personalised employee handbooks employing legal and best practice approaches to policies and procedures using a language and manner that communicates your company’s mission, vision, and its values, thus outlining your company’s culture.