Do you have the right recruitment plan in place for successful headhunting?

We know recruiting and obtaining the right people in your business is just as vital as managing finances and generating sales.  So here are five steps that I believe can help you attract and recruit the best people in the market.

  1.  Review your company’s approach 

Before you start thinking about attracting new candidates, look after your own internal Talent, re my staff really happy? Am I promoting them, training them and rewarding them properly? Is my company’s culture positive forward thinking?

  1.  Invest in your company’s culture

Get your internal culture right – and get your business model right – and you’d be surprised just how quickly word gets around that your company is the place to work.

  1.  Clearly define the job role/what are you looking for?

The first step is to think carefully about your job description. Be clear, accurate and focused on what you want – but also on what you are going to offer. Put a spec and a Profile together what does the ideal candidate look like? Where are they working now?

  1.  Specifically target potential candidates

To reach the right people you’ve got to find out where they are: which websites they are on, which media they use? Linkedin or facebook?

  1.  Refining the interview process

Good candidates want a solid recruitment process in place– and they know when they’re being given a bad or a sloppy interview. Being busy is no excuse, and being badly prepared is even worse. Put your best people in front of the candidates you want. They are selling your company by everything they do and say, and by the way they act.

“If I’m a confident and ambitious candidate I’m going to have other opportunities on the table, so you need to sell your company to me”.

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